We have been sending out official letters of invitation to the participants who requested them, mostly via e-mail.

Most of them did not experience any trouble getting their Korean visa issued with that letter.

However, some of them had to have the letters rewritten or have the hard copy mailed to them,

because the original letter in PDF format had not been suffient and been turned down for various reasons.


Some embassies request to include the participant's personal ID number, passport number, or date of birth.

Some even ask the participants to download a specific form in Korean from their website to be filled out and turned in. 


With the conference being less than a month away, if you request the letter now,

this could be the last time you could make it in time to receive the letter, apply for and obtain the visa.

FYI, participants from Shanghai had most difficulties with visa application,

but this does not mean participants from other regions did not have to jump over a hurdle or two,

since visa application can really be case-by-case.


Hence, we advise you to check with the embassy or consulate in your region, or your affilliated institution

1) what specific form of letter is required (i.e. electronic or hard copy, Korean or English), or

2) what information must be included in the invitation letter (e.g. passport no., personal ID no., date of birth, etc.)

in your visa application before you make the request for the official letter of invitation.


If there is any additional information that needs to be included,

please let us know through the following conference secretariat e-mail: