AAS-in-ASIA Conference. Asia in Notion:Beyond Borders and Boundaries / 24-27 June, 2017 / Seoul, Korea

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Special Film Screening

Media Hall(KU Cinema Trap) / Sunday, June 25, 16:00-18:00

There will be a Q&A Session with the director after the showing.​

Plan 'W' (White)

  • Director: CHANG Choonsok
  • 2014 / Documentary / Running Time: 77min. / Color / 16:9 / Stereo
  • Language: Korean (w/ English subtitles)


In the twilight of their life, some old men and women are running around shooting films and staying up through the night editing them. Mr. Ra Yeong-su, director of "Silver Nest", a senior education center located in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, hardly has any time to catch his breath, while busy applying for funding, elucidating his aspirations and convincing the doubters. With their accomplishment so far, they have made names for themselves and captured the attention of the media. Yet, in reality, their computers are so old and decrepit, they cannot even offer a proper training. Even in such adverse circumstances, the education center is filled with the hopes and energy of the enthusiastic men and women who are willing to learn. For them, telling their stories through the medium of film is not just their pastime, but integral part of their plan to make money and build their future. What are their plans and aims and how far ahead are they looking?

Awards: 2015 Sichuan TV Festival - International Gold Panda Awards for Documentary : Social Concern Awards Best Choice
Distribution: Cinema DAL

Free Admissions to KU Cinema Trap

For the duration of the AAS-in-ASIA conference, conference registrants can watch films screening at KU Cinema Trap, a film theatre located in Medial Hall on Korea University campus at no charge. The film schedules will be posted on the website 2-3 weeks prior to the conference.

  • KU Cinema Trap: http://www.kucinematrap.kr
  • To enjoy the benefits of free admission to the KU Cinema Trap, the registrant must show an ID with the same name printed on the conference badge at the theatre.
  • Some (non-English) films may not provide English subtitles.